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Who Are We

Who Can Join

  • Sex workers needing emotional, social and and collegial support who are available to give and receive support in a group context

  • Sex workers from every possible iteration of the work who are aware of whorephobia and doing their own personal work around creating space for the diversity of colleagues they may share space with

  • Sex workers who are committed to confidentiality, safety and mutual aid for others in the work

Group Structure

  • Creating/ re-affirming the safety & confidentiality of the container for the first 5 minutes of the group 

  • 50-70 minutes of free processing, with a discussion topic provided if needed

  • 10 minutes of professional networking, skills sharing, brainstorming

  • Closing questions and closing container 

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Join the Group

  • Once a month, a fluid and dynamic drop-in support group that will be lightly facilitated, but ideally centering every voice and their respective experiences, reflections for one another, and topics of exploration for the group. 

  • Shame free, judgment free space to exist, grow and support one another

  • Next Meeting: March 13 from 5:00-6:30 pm Pacific Time


Thank you for registering, we look forward to meeting you!

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