What We Offer

Accessible, intersectional trauma therapy & healing services centering the needs of Black, Indigenous, femmes of color, queer folks, survivors and sex workers.

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With a focus on trauma-work, clients have the opportunity to process traumatic events and increase/encourage their ability to experience joy and gratitude in the present. Individual therapy is facilitated by Marie Baptiste & Raquel Savage.



Trauma-informed yoga incorporates breathing exercises and mindfulness to help reduce stress and the physiological symptoms of anxiety. Trauma-informed yoga is facilitated by Norma.

Art Classes

Cum As You Are is an art class that interrogates eurocentric and colonial ideas of the body and genitals. During this class, participants get to re-define and create a unique self-portrait of their genitals. This class is hosted By Meagan and Mercy.



We are now offering community workshops led by Zepp's Clinical Director, Angie Gunn LCSW, CST. Donations are greatly appreciated and help fund our programs! Register by clicking the button below.

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Rent Relief Funds

Through Zepp Wellness' Run Me My Coin Rent Relief program, we contribute to rent payments for Black trans women who are navigating sex work on a monthly basis. This fund is coordinated by Black trans women to ensure decisions about the fund are made by those being served!

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The Trauma-informed Energy Work course uses meditation, breathing and body movements to restore clients’ sense of safety after sexual trauma; release any rage or shame; and remind survivors their bodies are not their enemies. Sacred Sensuality is facilitated by Leah.