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Meet Our Staff
& Board Members

At Zepp Wellness, our staff and board look like you; your needs are our priority- focusing on safe housing, trauma recovery & management, stress & harm reduction, and various holistic healing services.

Tabytha Gonzalez

Tabytha Gonzalez, Director of Black Trans Services for Zepp Wellness

Tabytha is a TGNB community educator, public policy advocate, activist, outreach coordinator, office manager and mom in New York. Tabytha attends Hostos Community College-seeking her LMSW. She is also fluent in American Sign Language.

Director of Black Trans Services

Chanel Lopez

Chanel Lopez, Run Me My Coin Facilitator for Zepp Wellness

Chanel is a trans woman of color who is an activist and advocate for the trans/TGNC and non-binary community. Chanel is currently the transgender community liaison at the city commision on human rights in her city.

Run Me My Coin Facilitator


Kisha, Run Me My Coin Facilitator for Zepp Wellness
Run Me My Coin Facilitator

Kisha is a Black Trans woman from Brooklyn, New York. She is currently employed by the City of New York as a Residential Aid in a homeless shelter. Kisha is passionate about her community and serves as a Rent Relief Coordinator for Zepp Wellness Center's 'Run Me My Coin' fund for Trans women navigating s-x work.

Marie Baptiste

Marie Baptiste, Therapist for Zepp Wellness

Marie is a recent graduate of Florida International University where she received her Masters in Mental Health Counseling. Marie is the firstborn child of Haitian immigrant parents and is hoping to work with immigrants in the future, especially helping them work through whatever traumas that they may have experienced during their migration and subsequent journey in the so-called United States.




Raquel Savage, Founder of Zepp Wellness and Therapist

Raquel is a Therapist, Sex Educator and Sex Worker. She is trained as a counselor, specifically in Marriage and Family Therapy. She facilitates coaching, in-person sessions for residents of Florida, and online sessions for non-Florida residents. Additionally Raquel facilitates our online support group for femme-identified Sex Workers in collaboration with the Equitable Care Certification. Raquel took the tools taught in white supremacist, cisheteropatriarchal, capitalist graduate programs and uses them to heal the community she serves from a decolonized perspective.

Founder, Therapist



Leah Santos, Trauma Informed Energy Work Class Instructor for Zepp Wellness

Leah is the founder of Ashe Vibes, a holistic self-care brand dedicated to women’s wellness. She is currently pursuing a masters in oriental medicine and is projected to begin practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine in 2022. Leah is both a student and teacher of Taoist energy work and specializes in qigong & neigong. It is through this work that she hopes to enhance the vitality and longevity of womxn everywhere.

Trauma Informed Energy Work



Norma Uriostegui, Yoga instructor for Zepp Wellness

Norma Uriostegui (she/hers) is a yoga instructor and forever a yoga student, having practiced for over 8 years and always learning different ways of embodying this practice, on and off the mat. She is a community organizer with a firm belief in personal liberation and transformation for the sake of collective liberation and transformation - that one cannot exist without the other and both need to be practiced simultaneously in order to truly get free.

Yoga Instructor



Mel Diane, Communications Director for Zepp Wellness

Mel is a first generation Mexican-American woman raised on Wichita, Kansa, Sioux, Osage Land (SE Kansas). Melissa’s passion for this work comes from lived experience as a bisexual non-black person of color, survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and a sexual assault survivor (SAS) maneuvering through this world. As a child of immigrant parents, she has seen the constant violence toward immigrant communities first hand. Their internal fire fuels their desire to create and be of service to liberation. Melissa believes creativity is required to imagine a world free of oppressive systems.

Communications Director



Meagan Jain, Art Class Instructor for Zepp Wellness

Meagan is a Brooklyn-based painter, muralist, and empowerment educator. For over a decade, Meagan has taught and inspired thousands of people ages 7-107 how to engage with creativity and find empowerment through painting. Meagan’s focus is to break down barriers of ageism, sexism, and fatphobia by giving people artful tools to amplify new ideas of self-love, confidence, and acceptance.

Art Class Instructor



Angie Gunn, Clinical Director for Zepp Wellness

Angie Gunn LCSW CST, is an unapologetic badass seeking to effectively navigate & dismantle systems of oppression at every level. As a queer, kinky, non-monogamous abuse survivor and sex worker, she’s experienced the daily fight to balance personal and professional fulfillment and sexual expression. Through mediation, workshop facilitation and one on one support, her goal is personal integration with all the parts of herself, to provide transformation for all the parts of each of you, your relationships, and your communities.

Clinical Director

Board Members



Non-Profit experience & Board experience is preferred but not required!



Natalie Pierre-Louis, Board Member at Zepp Wellness offering Legal Counsel

Natalie Pierre-Louis is a licensed attorney and business formation specialist. She helps creatives and entrepreneurs navigate the legal steps during the startup phase of business. She is passionate about making business and legal education as accessible to everyone as possible as she truly believes that entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to improve one's life circumstances. She teaches through a combination of one-on-one coaching, digital products and a live show on social media where she teaches business concepts using pop culture and celebrity news.




Pam Zappardino, Board Member at Zepp Wellness as Co-Chair

Coming Soon.

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